Today’s Nanny State Stories-Family Friendly Edition!

A double shot of the family friendly from Jolly Ol’ England. First up, know what’s great? Your parents getting a divorce for better benefits

David Cameron today attacked ministers’ failure to protect the family after it  emerged that couples with children can become more than £5,000 a year better off if they split up or choose to live apart.

A study by the Civitas think-tank shows how millions of working families are missing out on the benefits paid to single parents.

Today the Conservative leader said the report exposed the ‘madness’ of Government benefits policy and its failure to protect the family.

He said: ‘What a crazy thing for a country to be saying to people when we all know that family breakdown has such terrible consequences. Split up and be better off – what a crazy thing for the family to do – it is madness that we have this approach and Gordon Brown needs to change it.’

You read that right. Reading the rest of the story, you can easily see that single parents receive more benefits then do married parents. And you know what has happened? That’s right, the single parent rate has skyrocketed since the law was passed in 1998. It also discourages part time workers from working more hours and finding a better job. And it gets better, because 140,000 households earn more from government benefits then the average take home wage. Liberals will love that, since so many of them are lazy and expect the government to just give them everything.

And, now, from the world of socialized medicine, horror story

A baby boy died minutes after birth – because the hospital had no anaesthetist on duty for an emergency caesarian.

Clare Russell, who went into labour with son Dylan 10 weeks early, arrived at the maternity unit in the middle of the night.

She desperately needed a C-section to save her son, who was coming out feet first in the breech position.

But the hospital had a cost-cutting policy of not having an anaesthetist during the night. Clare had to give birth naturally, and Dylan died when the umbilical cord got wrapped around him, starving him of blood and oxygen.

These are the kinds of tragic, horrific stories that constantly come out from the nation-states that provide socialized/nationalized healthcare. That most of them are way in the red is one thing. That they are in the red and still cannot provide necessary services is something completely else.

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One Response to “Today’s Nanny State Stories-Family Friendly Edition!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Germany has had socialized medicine for 100 years. Switzerland has a very well run program as does Japan. All of those countries also have longer life expectancies than the US. When you talk about socialized medicine Teach you are not in favor of taking it away from our veterans and seniors are you ? All of these foreign car manufacturers who are wailing on the USA also benefit from national health care programs.

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