4 D.C. Metro Stations To Be Closed On Coronation Day

Know what’s great? Being told you can’t use the parking spot you paid for

Metro plans to ban public automobile parking at four Metrorail stations on Inauguration Day to accommodate employees and charter buses.

Reserved parking permits will not be in effect Jan 20. “If you think you are going to pull into your usual spot at 8:30 a.m. on Inauguration Day, it’s just not going to happen,” Metro spokeswoman Cathy Asato said.

Said reserved parking costs $55 a month, and that is before the daily parking fees. Have fun getting to work, chumps! You should probably hope that something changes, otherwise, leave home about 3am.

Know what will be really great? If D.C. gets one of those really special snow storms. Ye Olde Farmers Almanac says no, but, could get snow 21st or 22nd. Wouldn’t that be fun, all those millions stuck in hotels and flop houses in D.C., turning cannibal?

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