Christmas Comes Early For Soldier’s Family

I like these types of stories much better then the ones about people, groups, and government whining about Christmas displays, don’t you? Get the hanky out

Christmas came early for a North Little Rock family. Captain Tanya Phillips was in Iraq for nine months. Her three sons thought they wouldn’t see her until early next year, but Saint Nick had something else in mind.

It’s a Christmas story, set at McCain Mall, in North Little Rock.

Brothers Stone, Chance and Tyler are waiting anxiously with their dad Captain William Phillips to talk to Santa.

They’ve made their wish lists. Each brother has a special request.

“My mom home and Xbox LIVE,” says Tyler when asked what he wants for Christmas. “I want mommy home to bring toys home,” says Stone Phillips.

There mom has been away in Iraq for nine months, and this season 12-year-old Tyler says he’s missing her more than ever.

“I miss her holiday cheer, ’cause she’s normally doing everything,” says Tyler Phillips.

Luckily three-year-old twins Stone and Chance aren’t camera shy, because there are several at the mall to capture the moment.

What the boys didn’t know is their mom Captain Tanya Phillips is hiding-out in the office of a nearby arcade

“I’m Nervous,” says Phillips.

She was waiting to surprise them. “They think I am not coming home until January,” says Captain Tanya Phillips.

After hours of Anticipation Phillips doesn’t know what to expect, especially from her youngest. “I don’t know how much they remember me or don’t remember me,” says Captain Tanya Phillips.

Family, friends, strangers and even dad were all in on the surprise, but the kids didn’t have a clue.

Finally the wait was over. Distance no longer separates this reunited family. Hugs were shared and tears of joy were shed.

Yes, it is tissue time.


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