California Real Estate At Risk From Climate Change (?)

Save us from hysterics, who probably just want money: Report: Climate change threatens half of California

A University of California, Berkeley, report released Thursday estimates that $2.5 trillion of California real estate is threatened by climate change.

Real estate and insurance represent the largest sectors at risk from climate change in the state, according to the report. It found that the state has $4 trillion in real estate assets, of which $2.5 million (WT: I assume that is supposed to be “trillion“) are at risk from extreme weather events, sea level rise and wildfires. The projected annual price tag is $300 million to $3.9 billion over this century, depending on how the global temperature rise.

Sigh. Apparently there were no extreme weather events and wildfires in California prior to global warming from SUVs. And the sea level thing has pretty much been a farce. Little proof. Supposition, yes. The sea levels have gone up before during warmer periods, and gone down during colder periods. But even the UN IPCC reports do not go farther then a sea rise of a couple inches. Which has, again, happened before.

Californians should worry instead about environmental policies that increase the severity of the wildfires, because they aren’t allowed to manage the brush, aren’t allowed to clear the dead wood, aren’t allowed to create fire breaks, and aren’t allowed to do proscribed burns, among others.

They should worry about the massive amounts of illegal aliens, quite a few who are criminals. They should worry about the policies that create rolling blackouts. They should worry about the policies that create sky high prices. All liberal policies.

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  1. Poor CA … a great state that has to deal with a lot of BS. I think I’ll just stay in MN and Freeze. If you get a chance please check out my site Real Estate Rochester MN

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