LA Times: Barry Hits The Wall Of Reality

And the media love affair with The Messiah continues its downfall: Barack Obama is looking more like a realist

Reporting from Washington — Now that the confetti has fallen, the nascent administration of Barack Obama has come face to face with one of its biggest challenges: living up to the exceptionally high expectations his thrilling campaign produced among supporters and long-suffering Democrats.

Through a long, winding story, we learn that Mr. We Need A New Way is pretty much making this Clinton’s third term, that most of his post-partisan rhetoric was grade-A fertilizer, lobbying is fine, and that Obama is pretty much business as usual.

Why does this all remind me of The Life Of Brian? Without the humor, of course.

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One Response to “LA Times: Barry Hits The Wall Of Reality”

  1. John Ryan says:

    business pretty much as usual ?? But the rightwing promised us that if we elected Onama we would get a hard core socialist !! WTF !! and now you are saying he is just going to be another middle of the road politican and that we aren’t going to get any radical changes ? WE WERE PROMISED SOCIALISM !!

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