PDS At CBS Sportsline

They just. Can’t. Let. It. Go.

With apologies to Tennessee, the Titans aren’t the best team in football. Who cares if they’re undefeated? They play in the AFC South, which is the Sarah Palin of divisions. The Titans aren’t in the same class as the Giants. New York’s offense is far superior and its defense just as capable if not better than Tennessee’s. Yes, better.

Sigh. Maybe Mike Freeman, who wrote the missive, should have compared the AFC South to Congress, which has done virtually nothing all year, and has continuously been in the 20’s and teens all year long. But, then, that wouldn’t be fair to the AFC South, which has an undefeated Titans team and a resurgent Colts. Maybe Freeman just meant to say that they are the VP division, rather then the Presidential one the NFC East is. Doubt it.


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One Response to “PDS At CBS Sportsline”

  1. John Ryan says:

    The American people DO certainly disapprove of the way Congress has (non) acted That is why they keep kicking the Republicans out. When enough are gone Americans hope/think things will get better. Certainly having your party’s most senior member be convicted of 7 felonies can’t help with the approval ratings. Democrats have consistently been given higher approval ratings in Congress than the Republicans for at least the last 3 years .http://www.gallup.com/poll/1600/Congress-Public.aspxIt could be even longer, 3 years is just how far back this graph goes. The 40 or 41 obstructionist Republican senators represent only about 30% of the population of the USA but they, and the republican President have prevented the majority in Congress from accomplishing anything, fortunately this is well known to the American people.

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