Group Protests Following The Law

Because that is what the illegal immigration debate boils down to (for the most part): one side wants to uphold the law, the other side wants to ignore the law. This time, the protesters are on the northern border, for a change

More than 100 people called for an end to Border Patrol checkpoints and detentions of illegal immigrants during a protest march on Saturday.

The demonstration was organized by a newly formed group, Stop the Checkpoints Committee, in response to a recent surge in the number of Border Patrol roadblocks on the Peninsula.

The group formed during a meeting organized by Lois Danks of Radical Women and attended by 30 people about two weeks ago.

“This is not the way our country is meant to be,” Danks told the crowd.

“We’ve got to stop the checkpoints.”

Go that? Our country is not supposed to be one in which The Law is followed. Next time some wacked out hippy whines about Booooooosh! trashing the Constitution, ask them why they support illegal immigrants.

Michael Bermudez, Border Patrol spokesperson, has said the checkpoints are part of a larger effort to secure the borders by apprehending terrorists, detering illegal entries through enforcing immigration laws, and catching drug smugglers.

Danks described it as a “drive to criminalize immigrants.”

If they are crossing the border illegally, that would make them…..let’s see ……..yes, criminals!

Legal immigrants are great. They are welcome, if they want to be a part of our great country, rather then just forming their own little community and not being a part of the whole. Illegals? Not welcome.

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