Media: See? Ethel Rosenburg Was Innocent!

Un-f*cking believable. The media is actually trying to state that Ethel Rosenburg didn’t deserve the electric chair at a minimum, and was innocent at the maximum.

In a discussion that shows that one of the key witnesses, Ruth Greenglass, answered a question differently then during her grand jury deposition, the Washington Post and Associated Press push the meme that Ethel should not have been found guilty because Greenglass perjured herself

At the trial, the Greenglasses stated that Ethel Rosenberg typed up notes about the atomic bomb that had been stolen by David Greenglass from the top-secret Los Alamos facility in New Mexico, where he worked. Those ostensibly were the notes turned over to the Soviets, directly linking Ethel Rosenberg to the spying.

According to the grand jury transcripts, Ruth Greenglass, who said she had been recruited into spying by Julius Rosenberg, was asked, “Didn’t you write [the information] down on a piece of paper?”

“Yes,” she answered, “I wrote [the information] down on a piece of paper and [Julius Rosenberg] took it with him.”


Ronald Radosh, professor emeritus of history at City University of New York, said information from a U.S. government decryption program called Vanona, which deciphered Russian codes, showed that Julius Rosenberg provided the Russians handwritten notes, not typewritten ones. This contradicted Ruth Greenglass’s trial testimony and suggested that it was her own notes that were passed to the Soviets.

“What is important about the Vanona decrypt is that it substantiates what Ruth told the grand jury,” Radosh said.

So, Ruth made a boo boo during the trial. What was pretty much the trial of the century at the time. A hugely important trial, with everyone looking on. Could make anyone nervous.

Interestingly, the Rosenberg case is still one that interests many on the Left, usually older progressives, who have this conspiracy theory that the Rosenberg’s were railroaded because of anti-Soviet fear (we all know that the Soviets were just little darlings, right?). And Vanona pretty much proved that both Rosenbergs were guilty.

Gotta love the AP, though

“The Rosenberg case illustrates the excesses that can occur when we’re afraid,” said Meredith Fuchs, general counsel to the National Security Archive, one of the private groups that fought in court to get the testimony released.

“In the 1950s, we were afraid of communism; today, we’re afraid of terrorism. We don’t want to make the same mistakes we made 50 years ago,” Fuchs said.

The AP shows a willfull suspension of reality over the actual threat from Soviet spies and influence in the USA during the 50’s, much as they, and so many on the Left, suspended their reality at the time. Apparently, they are suspending their reality over terrorism now, too.

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