Maybe They Should Concentrate On The Pollution First

Here we go. One of the things I have complained about regarding the whole anthropogenic climate change silliness is that it puts reducing CO2 output over real environmental issues, and Canada is finding that out

Smog-related deaths are set to soar to more than 700,000 in Canada over the next two decades, the Canadian Medical Association said on Wednesday.

Long- and short-term exposure to air pollution will kill at least 21,000 Canadians this year, the CMA said in landmark study into health costs of poor air quality. That is much higher than a government estimate of 5,900 premature deaths linked to pollution.

“This report shows that things don’t seem to be getting better,” Dr. Brian Day, the CMA’s president, said in an interview.

“And in fact, in terms of the actual numbers, they seem to be getting worse,” Day said. 

Fortunately, the article did not attempt to link smog, which is a true pollutant, to climate change and CO2. Also, the prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, is not a fan or supporter of the draconian, socialist, fascist policies of the extreme global warming crowd, instead looking for real world solutions (which I think are still silly, but, they are politically expedient.)

But, wait, it gets better!

Almost half of Europe’s population may have been exposed to airborne concentrations of particle matter above the European Union limit, the European Environment Agency says.

Maybe they will start concentrating on real pollution now.

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2 Responses to “Maybe They Should Concentrate On The Pollution First”

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  2. Ben Gardiner says:

    The trouble is, with all the AGW bs, I find it difficult to believe “scary” figures on any issue now. 700,000 deaths – yeah, right!

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