Polar Bears Love Humans, Taste Like Chicken

Has anyone bothered to tell these folks that it is Summer in the Arctic?

Polar bears at this time of year should be out hunting seals on sea ice in the Arctic.

But, due to global warming, Arctic sea ice melts earlier and to a greater extent than it has in the past. It’s what has scientists concerned that polar bears are headed toward extinction; even the Bush Administration, which has often been reluctant to acknowledge the threat of climate change, ultimately listed the polar bear as a threatened species a few months ago, because the bear’s habitat is receding so rapidly.

And now, in an ironic twist of fate, the same scientists positioned in the Arctic to study and protect the Arctic’s unique and threatened species have been chased away by a polar bear stranded on land by the rapidly melting sea ice.

Interesting. That global warming, by which they mean anthropogenic global warming, sure isn’t working too hard this year

Arctic sea ice extent on July 31 stood at 7.71 million square kilometers (2.98 million square miles). While extent was below the 1979 to 2000 average of 8.88 million square kilometers (3.43 million square miles), it was 0.89 million square kilometers (0.34 million square miles) above the value for July 31, 2007. As is normal for this time of year, melt is occurring throughout the Arctic, even at the North Pole.

One year does not a trend make, but, there is more ice as of the July 31, 2008 report then last year. Still below the average for those years, but, weren’t the Credentialed Media worried about a new Ice Age in the late 70’s?

“It is ironic that our efforts to understand how climate change is affecting wildlife were disrupted by the top Arctic predator displaced by climate,” said Steve Zack, one of the scientists.

No, it is not ironic. It is coincidental, as polar bears are very smart and very aggressive, and have been know to track humans, try and ambush humans, and kill humans. This is not unusual. And, if you are treading on their land, that who “territoriality” thang comes in to play.

polar bears eat humans

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that God often protects his most clueless creations. If the climate change scientists keep interfering with the polar bears, God may turn a blind eye.

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