Drilling: The Election Issue Of All Election Issues

I caught this one myself through an email from a friend of mine in New Joisey (I’m originally from there, I’m allowed to write it that way. Exit 98), but, I think John Hawkins at Right Wing News puts it perfectly

Yesterday, the fine folks over at Americans for Prosperity alerted me to the fact that the election issue of all election issues has been dumped into the GOP’s lap.

You see, on October 1st, 2008, “the existing bans on Outer Continental Shelf drilling and oil shale leasing expire — unless Congress specifically votes to extend the bans.”

What will likely happen, according to AFP is that “Congressional leaders will likely try to sneak an extension into supposedly ‘must-pass’ last-minute spending legislation.”

Republicans, including most importantly, John McCain, should refuse to support ANY legislation that extends the drilling ban. That means they should speak out against it, they should vote against it, and George Bush should veto it if it comes across his desk.

John recommends calling all your GOP Congress critters, “call your favorite talk radio host and get them talking about this, write your favorite bloggers, and email your friends.” That is what I am going to do.

What will you do?

Meanwhile, Republicans revolt over Queen Nancy’s refusal to allow a vote on drilling. See Stop The ACLU and Michelle Malkin for all the details.

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6 Responses to “Drilling: The Election Issue Of All Election Issues”

  1. mo from chicago says:

    I linked to you from Malkin’s website. I am a big fan of Michelle’s but I have never been able to leave a comment on her site, either. I end up having to send her emails. Since you are able to comment, please do a favor for me. Tell Michelle’s readers to go to Nancy’s Blog and click on Home and to the left of “En Espanol” is a “Contact Us” link. Send her an email…flood her with emails. I sent one:

    Hey Lady,
    The government buildings in D.C. belong to the people. Who the h*** do you think you are? Didn’t you say that you were going to have the “most open and ethical House ever”? You may have some jurisdiction over the meetings but the arrogance you display is astounding. Why would anyone in his or her right mind put a stop to such an important discussion (energy)? Your book should have been titled, “Abuse Your Power, A Message to America’s Leftist Daughters”.

    Mo from Chicago

  2. Evening, Mo, thanks for popping in. I’ll see what I can do over at MM’s, won’t get in till late, actually posting comments from my Blackberry.

    Have you been able to register at MM’s?

  3. Rosemary says:

    I haven’t been able to register ever since she made it register necessary which was a couple of years ago (or a few). *sigh*

    How are you doing? Here is a toll free number for you: 866-340-9281. 😉

  4. Rosemary says:

    That’s to the Capitol. >:D<

  5. Heya, Rosemary. How’s things with you?

    Try emailing her, she might hook you up. It’s been awhile since she opened registration.

  6. PS: I’ve called Dole, Burr, and my local House critter, Brad Edwards, who is a Dem. His office had no comment.

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