Obama Is Hands On, Gives A F** You And Winnie Too!

So, I wonder how the Missiah is doing at being a hands on administrator, as I mentioned yesterday at McCain Blogs (Via Memeorandum)

NY Observer – Clinton Bundler on Obama’s Doyle Pick: The Biggest ‘Fuck You’ Ever

A former bundler to Hillary Clinton just called in to tell me that Barack Obama’s selection of Patti Solis Doyle as chief of staff to the campaign’s eventual vice presidential nominee is the “biggest fuck you I have ever seen in politics.”

The bundler said that Clinton loyalists were livid over the pick.

“You don’t hire Patti Solis Doyle for her operational expertise,” said the bundler. “You don’t do that. This is someone who failed dramatically at her job. You only bring her on to fuck someone else.”

But, hey, Obama is a new type of politician. Why am I reminded of the line from Battlestar Galactica “All this has happened before and will happen again”? Eh, it’s just part of his Changiness and Hopiness.

Meanwhile, out in children’s book land

Obama's Pooh PolicyTelegraph: Barack Obama aide: Why Winnie the Pooh should shape US foreign policy

Richard Danzig, who served as Navy Secretary under President Clinton and is tipped to become National Security Adviser in an Obama White House, told a major foreign policy conference in Washington that the future of US strategy in the war on terrorism should follow a lesson from the pages of Winnie the Pooh, which can be shortened to: if it is causing you too much pain, try something else.

Mr Danzig told the Centre for New American Security: “Winnie the Pooh seems to me to be a fundamental text on national security.”

Seriously, you just have to read the rest of the article. Apparently, Mr Danzig, and experienced government employee, has been infused the power of the Obamissiah Cult, which is making Scientology look sane and benign.

Carl at Israel Matzav has a good question.

Commentary fears that the Winnie The Pooh thing is not a spoof.

Townhall says “talk about childlike thinking.”

Right WIng News: Looking at these idiots is almost enough to make you want to build a bomb shelter in the back yard and stockpile food and gold..

The Sundries Shack says “We should not let this guy get within 50 miles of our national security policy.” Jimmie also catches teh funny! at Ace, where the funniest comments are: No Blood For Hunny!

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4 Responses to “Obama Is Hands On, Gives A F** You And Winnie Too!”

  1. David says:


    So, not only a child’s icon named after “Number Two” but now an Obamasiah Foreign Policy also named after the same ubiquitous defecatory material…


    You just KNOW Barry Hussein Obama-Winfrey and his disciples don’t use shamPOO, cos they already have too much of the real thing on their hands (and in their mouths and… )

  2. Scrapiron says:

    I haven’t heard of a masssive excape from any of the facilities for the criminally insane, but I must have slept through the news. Hussein O has rounded them up and has them gainfully employed. How many hundreds of thousands will die because of fools like Hussein and his numnut advisors?

  3. A Hundred-Acre Administration? Oh, Bother….

    I’m sure this no longer qualifies as “news” – but Richard Danzig, a frontrunner in the race for National Security Advisor to a (hopefully mythological) Obama cabinet, has apparently cited Winnie the Pooh as “a fundamental text o…

  4. Al Qaeda and the other jihadis must feel like they are in a comedy club when the Missiah and his minions come to the microphone.

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