The KooKoo’s Are In The Nest

Heh heh: My Barack – Conspiracy Theorists for Barack Obama

I used to be a mild-mannered, politically apathetic corporate lawyer working for a big firm in Texas. Then we invaded Iraq and I found out some things about the Bush administration that horrified me. Now I am a stay-at-home mom who spends her spare time volunteering for the only candidate who isn’t beholden to the military industrial complex. My goal is to encourage other conspiracy theorists to dodge the black helicopters with me and get a truly decent American into the White House.

And speaking of potential kookoo, what’s up with a group, Muslim Americans For Obama ’08 in which one has to be approved to see the group blog, directory, events, and listserv? In other words, it is a closed section unless approved. Good thing the Missiah is not interested in making transparency and openness an issue in his campaign. Hopiness! Changiness! Truthiness!

Can anyone identify this symbol? I’ve seen it before.

Hey, and how about People Who Hate The First Amendment For Obama? Oh, excuse me, it is Remove ALL Lobbyists From The Republic. At least they understand that we are a Republic, but, without lobbyists, how would Obama and the Democrat groups get their money?

Hey, gotta have a Legalize Marijuana group.

And Obama Supporters for Marijuana Law Reform. 472 members.

People Who Want To Supply Some Big Ideas To Obama. I thought that is what Obama had advisors for?

Fundies For The Missiah. Hey, isn’t that what evangelicals are called by the Left?

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