Michigan Pushes To Allow Alternative Subjects

Nice to see that some State legislature has some cajones: MiLive – Legislation opens classroom doors to alternative views of evolution, global warming, cloning

Teachers shouldn’t be prevented from discussing alternative views of evolution, global warming and other controversial topics in their science classes, according to a bill backed by some local lawmakers.

But some evolution advocates say identical bills submitted in the state Senate and House are “Trojan horse legislation” intended to open the door to allow schools to teach intelligent design — a belief that life is the result of a creator — under the guise of academic freedom.

Of course they do. Most on the Left are scared to allow alternative viewpoints in education. God forbid, woops, sorry, not allowed to mention God when discussing education, that children are given ideas, are provided with the ideas, and allowed to make their own decisions. Nope, can’t have that. We must indoctrinate them, we must teach them to fear free thought and the exchange of ideas that lead to different paths of knowledge.

Knowledge and learning must be restricted, damnitall!

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2 Responses to “Michigan Pushes To Allow Alternative Subjects”

  1. manbearpig says:

    What is the Muslim view/belief on creation? I am assuming that would be allowed to be discussed, correct?

    So my question is this… if you personally believe in a creationist or intelligent design theory, are you allowed to not attend classes that teach the theory of evolution and not be downgraded for it. I would think that being forced to learn/believe in something contrary to your religious belief would be akin to some sort of religious persecution?

    Just a thought.

  2. I see your point. Much of it should be electives, but, if we are teaching Darwinism and that Man is the cause of global warming, the kids should be exposed to different opinions, theories, and facts.

    As far as teaching about religion, it should be kept in the sociology area, and taught along those lines, and as history, rather then delving into practice. Briefly. As Joe Friday would say, “Just the facts.” I do agree with most that it should be kept out of school. It doesn’t belong there. Too many different variations, and it should be left to the parents and churches. That said, a prayer here and there, such as before a football game, should not be the cause of an ACLU coniption fit, same with holidays such as Christmans and Easter.

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