Earth Hour-Just Wait Till Next Year

Y’all know by now about the silliness of Earth Hour on Saturday, which was just another little stunt designed to raise awareness about anthropogenic global warming for the 5 people who haven’t already heard about the silliness yet. Oh, and apparently to turn societies clocks back about 250 years and have everyone using candles.

“What’s amazing is that it’s transcending political boundaries and happening in places like China, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea,” said Andy Ridley, executive director of Earth Hour. “It really seems to have resonated with anybody and everybody.”

Hey, there are kooks worldwide who had no dates Saturday night.

But the international banks and brokerages of Dublin’s financial district blazed away with light, illuminating floor after empty floor of desks and idling computers.

“The banks should have embraced this wholeheartedly and they didn’t. But it’s a start. Maybe next year,” said Cathy Flanagan, an Earth Hour organizer in Dublin.

 Which kinda proves that all this is simply a stunt. If these folks actually believed in the cause, perhaps they could spend more then one hour out of the 8,760 every year actually living the life they say we all should. I know, I know, they always think changing ones lifestyle is for everyone else. But just wait till next year!!!

Ireland’s more than 7,000 pubs elected not to take part – in part because of the risk that Saturday night revelers could end up smashing glasses, falling down stairs, or setting themselves on fire with candles.

In otherwords, modern life, as opposed to going back and living in the 1600’s.

Meanwhile, apparently the more people actually know about global warming/climate change theory, the more apathetic they are about it. Except for the United Nations

Governments from 163 countries launch discussions today in Bangkok on forging an agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gases by as much as half by 2050.

Another week long session of meetings, where people fly in from all over the world, quite a few on private jets, putting out massive amounts of CO2 to tell us about how bad CO2 is. These folks aren’t apathetic; they know how to work the system to get free trips and money out of the climate change issue.

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  1. John Ryan says:

    McCain supported it

  2. Doesn’t mean I do.

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