New Theme Time: Pirate3.0

Yes, another new theme, which, yes, looks remarkably like the last one. The last one was using Zen In Grey, which, while it looked great, I could utterly not get the sidebars to be fixed width within a fluid format, so, when decreasing the screen resolution or the screen width, the right sidebar went down to the bottom of the page. Had to go.

However, I loved the look, so, I pretty much tore apart many themes, along with all the other minor stuff from previous themes, plus other coding, so, this one is pretty much mine. The most intensive coding I’ve ever done on a theme.

Only thing I just cannot get it to do (yet) is for the color change in hover mode in the header name for Firefox and Opera. Works in IE. Oh, well.

This one is a bit wider then Zen in Grey, as well. Other themes ripped include WordPress Default, Journalized, Spirit, MyJournal, Yaaar, Tis Me Blog, Fall Season, and Laila 2.1, among others.

BTW, some other interesting 3 column fluid themes that I have found around are Montezuma, AndyBlue, and Why Don’t You. If you want a real clean, white background theme with two sidebars and is fluid, try any of the My Journal ones. I prefer the Supareal one, which has rotating header graphics.

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3 Responses to “New Theme Time: Pirate3.0”

  1. Jim says:

    Lookin’ good William. Now that you have this done you need to see if you can break it by updating to 2.5

  2. Jim says:

    BTW, The search box is over the navigation and the navigation is over the date. (FF, Windows XP, 1280 screen width)

  3. I’m not looking forward to 2.5. My test site is 2.3.3, while this site is 2.3.2, and there were slight differences that could not be resolved, and I had to move before going live.

    Going to have to do something with the nav box.

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