New Hampshire ACLU Hearts Child Predators

Ready to be sickened?

The New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union filed suit against the city yesterday over an ordinance that restricts where sex offenders can live, in a test case that could have consequences for communities across the state.

Enacted in October 2005, Dover city code 131-20 blocks sex offenders who must register for life, which includes those convicted of aggravated rape or a host of offenses involving children, from living within 2,500 feet of a school or daycare center, levying a $500 fine for the first violation and a $1,000 fine for a second.

In a suit filed in Strafford County Superior Court, the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union is asking to have Dover’s ordinance invalidated, saying it runs afoul of the state constitution’s due process, double jeopardy and ex post facto protections, as well as state primacy for treating sex offenders.

Is there any reason to provide commentary? Probably the best thing to do is to direct you to the comments for that article, and take a gander how people in New Hampshire really feel about the ACLU.

Jay at Stop The ACLU: These laws are common sense and it doesn’t take a study to know that the further away a pervert with a record of losing control is from my children, the safer they are from being attacked or assaulted from them. Common sense seems to allude a lot of folks at the ACLU for some reason.

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