Geert Wilder’s Fitna

Be warned, there are some graphic portions. 

Via Michelle Malkin and The Jawa Report (which highlights the Muslim outrage that has already begun). Not finding anything about it on the DU or other Surrender Monkey sites yet.

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7 Responses to “Geert Wilder’s Fitna”


    Después de todos los problemas para su publicación, por fin Fitna ha sido publicada gracias a Liveleak via Wake up America y Michelle Malkin. Sed pacientes porque todo el mundo la está intentando ver y tarda (bastante) en cargarse (de hecho, no la h…

  2. Fitna the Movie Finally Released…

    The much anticipated, feared, loathed, offended, banned, dhimmied, threatened, fatwa-ed, and rumored Fitna (disturbance in Arabic) is now available.Immediately after the news, the Dutch government went into a crisis meeting to discuss a reaction to the…

  3. Muhammad Abdulla says:

    Dear Greet Wilder,
    Why did you delay too much to let us know the evil of islam, which teachs to hate, curse, revenge and kill innocent humanity, in the name of Muhammad, Muhammadan-Allah & Muhammadan-Quran. Please make this film available on Internet or on DVD form, in all Islamic lands and in USA and EU, so that humanity may know the real danger of Muhammadism and may reject Muhammad and his religion for the sake of survival of Humanity now and forever.
    Long Live Holland
    Long Live Greet Wilder
    Long Live Fitna Film
    Mr. M. Abdulla
    Mid. East

  4. […] the release of Fitna, so far it has been peaceful. That could change by the time I post this in the afternoon, but, so […]

  5. Jo says:

    Hon, do you know where I can get a copy? I want to burn to CDs and pass around to my friends and family. Thanks!

  6. Hey, Jo. First, start with You’ll need the web address for the vid. I would start with the Liveleak version, see if that will work, first. Better quality then Google or Youtube copies. All the instructions are at Keepvid, pretty easy.

    After that, get a program to turn it into another format. I use Cinema Forge ( Convert from Flash.

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