Newsweek Goes Idiot On “Thrown Under The Bus”

I supposed I could use the phrase “jumps the shark,” but, as often as it has been used, I truly despise it, particularly since it was meant for TV shows, not politics. I am not a big fan of “thrown under the bus,” as well as a few others, such as “dropped the ball,” but, Newsweek just goes completely silly

From the tar pits of the blogosphere to the peaks of the mainstream media,

Can’t you just feel the disdain from the Credentialed Media at Newsweek? I suppose it would be petty to mention the who fake flushing of the Koran at Gitmo thing which led to riots, property damage, lots of injuries, and, oh, yes, deaths.  

 one strange phrase has bubbled up in the wake of Sen. Barack Obama’s sweeping speech on race in America: “He didn’t throw him under the bus.” The “him” is, of course, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., Obama’s former pastor, whose angry and racially charged sermons have sparked controversy that could undercut Obama’s presidential candidacy. But the metaphor—”throw him under the bus”—is tougher to explain. Where did it come from? Why is it suddenly ubiquitous? And at the risk of sounding overly sensitive, is it even advisable, given its ugly echo with the “back of the bus” legacy of African-Americans?

Got that? If you use the phrase, you just might be a racist. I mean, come on. Ever notice that it always seems to be liberals who attempt to keep racism alive and well?

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3 Responses to “Newsweek Goes Idiot On “Thrown Under The Bus””

  1. The ‘Typical Black Man’…

    The ‘typical black man’, in my experiences, is a hard-working, Church-going, God-fearing, fun-loving, family-centered, gracious man. Those are the men I have known. I could not, nor would I, try to define the behavior and thoughts of a whole race ……

  2. Redwolf says:

    What about, “screwed the pooch?” will that get PETA on your butt?

    Lord knows what the use of “s**t the bed” will cause.


  3. DirtCrashr says:

    Arrgh, he didn’t throw the Reverend under the bus, he threw his own grannie! And now he’s thrown the bitter religious clingers too. He’s got quite an arm on him, that Barry.

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