DU Thread Of The Day: Spitzer Should Force Impeachment

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Spitzer MUST stay in office to call Repubs’ bluff. Get impeachment talk in the open

We need a drawn-out attempted Republican impeachment of a Democratic office-holder for sex. This will cause people to rally around the percieved victim of warrantless wiretapping here (however much he karma deserved it) and utterly destroy the Dems’ rationale for protecting the Bush criminal empire from prosecution.

Heighten the contradictions in preparation for anti-war chaos in the streets of Minneapolis.

Hmm, Spitzer was wiretapped without a warranty? Maybe I should ask for proof. Na. R-E-A-L-I-T-Y.

  • do not allow them to stampede this It’s part of the M.O. Remember how fast they buried Dan Rather? Hold your ground, Spitzer! We have time to wait for evidence and due process.
  • There’s something to be said for defending our own, especially if it can bring other topics to the table. Democrats have to show that they are willing to fight. The more they do, the more that repuke scandals can be brought into the light. And I agree that it can show that the misuse of the eavesdropping “laws” can be dangerous.
  • I do too This stinks to high heaven, especially since Bruno would become the Lt. Gov. by default. Don’t like that guy and never trusted him.
  • Think how rank and file Dems would respond to hearing about how Dem is being impeached for sex In New York state (and another jailed for campaign finance in Alabama) while the Senate continues to advance the agenda of legitimizing and covering up Bush’s crimes.
  • Would Details Of The Wiretapping Come Out In Discovery In An Impeachment…… procedure? I say if it sheds any light on what *Co is doing to this country – then let the impeachment proceedings for Spitzer begin. I know that his opponents will throw out every dirty detail – but if it exposes this telecom spying for what it is – I’d call Spitzer a true patriot.
  • Great Idea! It’s over for him anyway. He should do one last bit of service before he goes. Put IMPEACHMENT on the table!

Now back to your locally scheduled dose of Real Life.

BTW, isn’t a politician visiting a prostitute kinda like a lawyer visiting another lawyer? You know, professional courtesy?

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