RoP: Burn Danish Embassies, Kidnap And Slaughter The Ambassadors

It ain’t just rhetoric that Abu ‘Abir, spokesmen for the Salah Al-Din Brigades, is pushing during a press conference on Al Jazeera on Feb 18th

Abu ‘Abir: “We will not allow them to deride our Prophet, and we will wait for no one to take the appropriate measures in response to this crime against Islam, the Muslims, and our Prophet. We will redeem our Prophet with our lives. Oh servants of the cross, we have let everything you did to our nation pass. But for your abominable deed against our Prophet, oh hostile and infidel Denmark, you will pay a heavy price, Allah willing. Oh Messenger of Allah, accept our apology. Denmark has spoken heresy.

“We in the Al-Nasser Salah Al-Din Brigades declare, in light of the recurrence of this grave incident, which was permitted by the Jewish, Crusader, infidel Danish authorities:

“First of all, we call upon the Islamic nation to rise up, and not make do with a futile economic boycott, in the face of this affront to our honorable Prophet. We call upon them to drive out the Danish embassies and ambassadors from the lands of the Muslims, and to expel them from the Muslim countries. They should take serious and immediate action to burn down the offices of the newspapers that affronted our Prophet, and to bomb them, so that body parts go flying, and with these body parts, Allah will quench the believers’ thirst for revenge.” [snip]

“Fourth, we call upon the Muslims, mujahideen, and monotheists all over the world to pursue any of the pigs who drew or helped publish the offensive cartoon, and to slaughter them immediately on the threshold of the tomb of the Prophet. I love you, oh Prophet of Allah, like I love my father and mother. I swear by Allah if we get our hands on them, we will show them no mercy.

“We call upon Muslims all over the world to bomb the embassies, to kidnap Danish ambassadors, and to kill them on the threshold of the tomb of the Prophet.

All this over some cartoons. Talk about unhinged.

There is much more at the link, and you can watch the video at MEMRI.

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