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Quote Of The Day: Audacity Of Hope

Where is the audacity of hope when it comes to backing the success of our troops all the way to victory in Iraq? What we heard last night was the timidity of despair. Our allies deserve better, our soldiers deserve better, and so do the American people.” John McCain. Video via Stop The ACLU Ace […]

Orange Derangement

There’s a new terrorist solidarity movement going on, particularly in Hollywood (via LIBERTAS) The Hollywood Liberal wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a red, white, and blue ribbon, which makes one wonder why they had our troops in Iraq present an Oscar the other night when their hearts are really with those poor sexist, racist, homophobic, theocrats who wear orange […]

BBC Knew About Link To Islamic Bombers In Britain

Makes one wonder, where do their priorities lie? A BBC producer failed to give police information that would have helped track down the July 21 bombers, the trial was told. Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic, which featured the group paintballing and an interview with Mohammed Hamid, was shown on BBC2 on June 12, 2005. Called as […]

WTW: United Nations Blames Evil Zionists For Terrorism

  Morning, y’all, Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here on another wonderful White Trash Wednesday with some of that ole truthiness. I tell ya, me and my brother jihadi’s around the world simply love the United Nations. They make things so easy for us. They give us aid and comfort, ambulances to help with our attacks, and […]

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