Daily Archives: February 24, 2008

Rotation Of Thought

Hmmmmm…. The Earth’s orbital behaviors are responsible for more than just presenting us with a leap year every four years. According to Michael E. Wysession, Ph.D., associate professor of earth and planetary sciences in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, parameters such as planetary gravitational attractions, the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the […]

Obamessiah Actually Does Have A Plan. Sort Of

Via Blue Star Beth, a rather disturbing story for anyone who likes keeping the money they earn at The National Ledger A nice-sounding bill called the “Global Poverty Act,” sponsored by Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Barack Obama, is up for a Senate vote on Thursday and could result in the imposition of a global […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! It is another fantastic day in America, what else needs to be said? This classy pinup is by Earl Moran, with a wee bit of help. It is a lot less revealing then most, so, let me say, nice gams! What’s happening on ye old feedreader? Polar bears are turning to cannibalism now ’cause […]

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