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I Can Sympathize

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Danish Mohammed Cartoonist Living In The Street

I wonder if Obama can help him out? The ROP strikes again Two years ago Kurt Westergaard was in his Copenhagen home drawing pictures. One of them was of the Muslim prophet, Muhammad. Now Westergaard is homeless. Draw a picture offensive to Muslim extremists, and you might find yourself without a roof. Ask Kurt Westergaard, […]

Chris Matthews, Ego-Maniacal Rightwinger, Destroys Obama Supporter

No, seriously. Well, [Chris] Matthews is no Barney. He is an ego-maniacal rightwinger that will anniliate Obama. Just watch and see and then you’ll scream UNFAIR. What’s it about?  Texas State Senator Kirk Watson (D-TX) learned a lesson in preparedness Tuesday night when he was humiliated on MSNBC. Watson was on to talk about his support […]

Aside: Michelle M On Michelle O

Check out Michelle Malkin’s latest column “Michelle Obama’s America—and mine“

WTW: Obama Uses The Word “Policy” In A Speech!

  Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here on another fine White Trash Wednesday with a bit of that truthiness stuff. And get aload of this truthiness! The two winners in Wisconsin quickly set their sights on one another. McCain accused Obama of promising “no more than a holiday from history and a return to the false […]

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