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Storm Warning!

Heh heh. Was just going to watch the Hurricanes-Devils game on TV with some friends, unfortunately, wasn’t on TV. So, we hustled over to the RBC Center, and some nice ladies game us 4th row tickets right in the corner. The beer vendor had Carolina Pale Ale, my favorite. If you are ever down in […]

TLF: 1,100 Graduate From Iraqi Police Academy

Yup, absolutely no progress in Iraq History was made when the inaugural class of more than 1,100 Iraqi Police (IP) recruits graduated the two-week Basic Recruit Training Course, Feb. 21, at the Furat Iraqi Police Training Academy in Baghdad. During the initial phase of their training, the graduates successfully completed training on weapons familiarization, law, […]

Illegals Kidnapping Americans That Americans Won’t

But they are all such nice people! (WRAL) Police are looking into the possibility that a man charged in three reports of attempted kidnappings is linked to several other abduction attempts. Fredy Humberto Pacheco, 36, of 901 Chalk Level Road, faces two counts of attempted kidnapping and one count of resisting, delaying and obstructing an […]

Googlebombing Obamessiah

Via Right Wing News Guess whose mentor is a Communist? Obama, that’s who! Why isn’t Obama patriotic enough to hold his hand over his heart for the Star Spangled banner? What has Obama got against flag pins? Obama wants to give away 845 billion dollars of your money to ungrateful Third World countries. Who loves […]

Lefties Having Fits Over The “Is Obama Patriotic?” Issue

IMPORTANT ACTION ALERTS are sure to show up soon. Apparently, CNN and the Associated Press are now “right wing hacks” for wondering about something the Left feels should not be an issue: is Obama patriotic. As most of you on the right know, patriotism is simply a love of country. The Left doesn’t particularly like […]

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