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Good News! Global Warming Causes Snow. In San Diego

moar humorous pics A surprise storm lashed San Diego County with rain and snow, stranding as many as 500 motorists on a mountain freeway and pouring mud down onto another roadway but causing no major damage or injuries. A 27-mile stretch of Interstate 8, which runs through the mountains in the eastern county and is […]

South Carolina Toughens Illegal Alien Statutes

I’m confused (wsoctv.com) A bill requiring both public and private employers to check if their employees are illegal immigrants and making it a crime to create or use false documents to get a job was approved Wednesday by the South Carolina Senate. Was this not already law? Isn’t it federal law? Well, anyhow, the next […]

Yar Catz

moar humorous pics Via the always lovely Stacy!

Aside: Rusty On 1,000 Words

1,000 Words: Supporting the troops lefty style. Check The Jawa Report for the details.

Excitable Andy Falls For The Straw Man

Two words: crazy insane (people who’ve seen Weird Science know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!). Excitable Andy discussed The Ignorance of the Right in discussing B. Hussein and his lack of substance. First, he starts in on Victor David Hanson, then proceeds to explain why B. Hussein actually has substance because he speak articulately. Maybe B. […]

Danes Tell Muslim Cartoon Haters To Piss Off

Well, not in so many words (via Little Green Footballs) Mette Vestergaard, a committee official, confirmed the cancellation. “The Iranian ambassador asked the Foreign Policy Committee to condemn the drawings. They can’t and they won’t,” she said without giving more details. Excellent! Some Europeans with cajones.

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