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Borgaramic Party: Michelle Of Nine

You will be assimilated.

When Idiots Attack

Originally, I thought “hey, just another liberal who is giving Islamic extremists what they want.” It is easy to get that from Memo to President Obama Never mind Iraq. Just end the ‘war on terror.’ Uh huh. I came close to cherry picking this line Let’s think about this for a moment. A small group […]

Take The Stony Brook Survey

What are your reactions to the presidential campaign? The folks at Stony Brook SU would like to know for a dissertation project. You can help them out quite a bit by taking the survey. It’ll take about 15 minutes.

Aside: Those Peaceful Iranians

30 lashes and 4 months in the pokey for walking a dog? See Not Ready For My Burqua for the 411.

Aside: Temp Check

Right Wing News has the latest Rightosphere Temp Check: McCain-A-Mania! Check it out.

Surrender Monkey Friday: Women Are Just Too Delicate

  Hey, all you ladies the I know out there in the right-o-sphere and Real Lifeâ„¢, did you know you are frail members of the species who can barely get through the day? Basically weeping willows. Hot house flowers. So says Michelle Obama (h/t Hot Air), and the Surrender Monkey is thrilled! I have to say that my life […]

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