When Idiots Attack

Originally, I thought “hey, just another liberal who is giving Islamic extremists what they want.” It is easy to get that from

Memo to President Obama

Never mind Iraq. Just end the ‘war on terror.’

Uh huh. I came close to cherry picking this line

Let’s think about this for a moment. A small group of ragged America-haters, who had one lucky day of mass murder nearly seven years ago, will continue to define the foreign policy of the lone superpower for years, possibly decades to come. There’s something wrong with this picture.

It is easy to look at that as a 9/10 mentality. But, let’s move on for a second to the second page of Michael Hirsh’s article

The rational policy would be to replace the overblown “war on terror” with what we should have been engaged in every day since 9/11: a war of annihilation against Al Qaeda, an all-out effort to rid the earth completely of the small, lunatic group that attacked us on that day. This is a task we should apply ourselves to fully, at long last.

In case Michael missed it, that is exactly what the war on terror is about. More rhetorical liberal/progressive/surrender monkey claptrap is not needed. Why change the terms used to define it? What is needed from the Left is support for the policies designed to eliminate it as much as we can.

But it is absurd to assign the term “transcendent challenge” to such a band of murderous anarchists, who have about as much hope of achieving their grand dream of turning the Mideast into an Islamist caliphate as scientists have of proving one day that the moon is made of green cheese. Terror cells may be spreading, but their ideology, such as it is, keeps dying every time it is exposed to the open air. Even in the tribal regions of Pakistan, safe haven to the newly regrouped Taliban and Al Qaeda, voters last week turned out radical religious parties because of their ineffectiveness. Al Qaeda and related terror groups are hardly the “heirs” to communism and totalitarianism, as Bush has described them.

Proving that Hirsh, like so many on the Left, has absolutely no fucking clue what the Islamic extremists want, and how they are going about doing it. Of course, much of the way they do it, such as indoctrination in schools, comes from the Progressive playbook. Go figure.

Hirsh earns the Idiot Fucktard of the Month award.

Dave Price at Dean’s World, on the end of that last excerpt

Yeah, great point, because we all remember how those Communists and totalitarians achieved and retained power by winning free and fair elections, impressing their electorates with skillful, effective rule. Bush’s blindingly obvious point is precisely that Islamofascism abhors such representative notions, just as Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and Josef Stalin did in their heyday.

The Strata-Sphere

This insanity on the left, that there is no threat and 9-11 was just a some random hit we have to accept form time to time. They don’t see 9-11 as all that big a deal – a few thousand Americans died – what’s the concern? This is why I call coined the phrases SurrenderMedia and Surrendercrats.

Weasel Zippers

This guy needs a serious fucking reality check, his idea of Obama style “change”is a unilateral surrender to al-Qaeda.  He’s also claiming global warming is a bigger threat than jihadism?   How many people died this year from global warming?  Try zero. How many because of Islamic terrorism?  Try thousands. Liberalism is a fucking cancer on this country!…..


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