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How Will The Dems Pay For Their Change?

That’s what the USA Today wants to know, but, they never really do skewer Obama or Hillary. Not that that is unexpected. An interesting point: A rollback of Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans could generate perhaps $75 billion next year. But, would it really? If “the rich” are taxed at a much higher […]

RoP Now Using The Disabled

Desperate and despicable A disabled, wheelchair-bound man blew himself up on Monday in a northern Iraqi police station, killing a top police official and wounding six police officers, police told CNN. The attack, which occurred in Samarra in Salaheddin province, reflects official concern over the innovative tactics employed by insurgents in Iraq. Bombs, have been […]

Captain Ed Joins Hot Air, Bryan

Very interesting news: Captain Ed is joining Hot Air full time. Congrats, Ed! Unfortunately, that means that Captain’s Quarters will be shut down in a few months.  On the flip side, Bryan Preston is moving on to work with Laura Ingraham. Congrats, Brian!

UFO’s Causing Global Warming. Now With More Ice!

The Climahysteria movement has moved from silly to absurd Environmental activists might wonder what in the world do UFOs have to do with massive global environmental degradation in general and global warming in particular. Many of us in the UFO/ET community are beginning to make that connection and as that knowledge spreads beyond the UFO […]

Beer Monday: Is Obamessiah Patriotic?

Monday! The start of a new work week. Time to get busy, to….ah, hell with it. How ’bout a beer? The Politico is a a wee bit wonderous about a CNN poll asking if Obama is patriotic enough. Well, we know the Left things he is, since he refuses to wear a flag pin, hold […]

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