Chris Matthews, Ego-Maniacal Rightwinger, Destroys Obama Supporter

No, seriously.

Well, [Chris] Matthews is no Barney. He is an ego-maniacal rightwinger that will anniliate Obama. Just watch and see and then you’ll scream UNFAIR.

What’s it about?

 Texas State Senator Kirk Watson (D-TX) learned a lesson in preparedness Tuesday night when he was humiliated on MSNBC. Watson was on to talk about his support of Senator Obama alongside Representative Stephanie Tubbs (D-OH), who backs Senator Clinton. Watson has endorsed Obama and writes glowingly of all the things Obama will do for the country, if elected.

But he was unable to answer Chris Matthews most basic demand: “Name some of his legislative accomplishments… name any

You can watch the video over at the Huffington Post.

Seems that more and more rational liberals/progressives are starting to notice just how much of an empty suit Barak really is.

BTW, I am not defending Matthews. He is pretty much a jerk. But, you have got to read some of the comments, which tend to attack Matthews and such, while skirting, mostly, around the central issue, which is, to repeat, that Obama is an empty suit. With a wife who has never been proud of America.

I see they have a big thread up at Memeorandum. Love to check some of the reactions out there, but, short on time.

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2 Responses to “Chris Matthews, Ego-Maniacal Rightwinger, Destroys Obama Supporter”

  1. Lina says:

    The presidency is no place for amateurs. Regretfully, that’s what Obama is. We are going to consider a guy that doesn’t have the credentials for the biggest job of the nation??? Get out of here…

  2. Dead on, Lina. If he came in for an interview saying the stuff he has been, I would not hire him. Not at all.

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