WTW: United Nations Blames Evil Zionists For Terrorism


Morning, y’all, Prophet Sallami Sallami Mohammed here on another wonderful White Trash Wednesday with some of that ole truthiness. I tell ya, me and my brother jihadi’s around the world simply love the United Nations. They make things so easy for us. They give us aid and comfort, ambulances to help with our attacks, and all the talking points we need!

A report commissioned by the United Nations says Palestinian terrorism is the inevitable result of Israeli occupation, an assertion that Israel rejected yesterday as inflammatory.

The report, posted on the UN Human Rights Council’s website, says that while Palestinian terrorist acts are deplorable, “they must be understood as being a painful but inevitable consequence of colonialism, apartheid, or occupation.”

The report accuses the Jewish state of acts and policies consistent with all three.

As long as there is occupation, there will be terrorism, says the author, John Dugard, an independent investigator on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a South African lawyer who campaigned against apartheid in the 1980s.

I mean, damn, could they make it any easier to turn the worlds’ idiots against Israel even more? Could they make it easier for the words’ idiots to hate Israel any more?

But, sssshhhhh, don’t tell the UN that the bretheren in the occupied territories have their eyes on not just the occupied territories, those ones that the Israelis captured from the idiot militaries during the four wars launched upon the them, but want to kick the Israeli’s out of the country completely. For a start. And the United Nations is helping, praise be to Allah. What else could they mean by colonialism?

The report calls for Israeli occupation to end, citing the country’s checkpoints and roadblocks restricting Palestinian movement, house demolitions, and the “Judaization” of Jerusalem.

I reckon that makes it pretty explicit that the United Nations wants the Zionists to get the hell out of Israel. Don’t tell the UN about the wall between Egypt and Gaza. That won’t help. But, hey, the UN is composed of so many saps that they will ignore that kind of information anyhow, and, we rarely even have to give some help to them to get our talking points out. They make it so easy.

PS: don’t tell the UN that the Palestinians have it pretty good, in comparison to the rest of the Arab world.

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  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Matey Blackbeard…When ya see the IDF and US Armed Forces wearing ski masks and blowing themselves up in search of 72 virgins in casbah poontang-poonbang heaven… let me know! Back to my pork fried rice!

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