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Aside: Raping Americans Americans Won’t

This is what the open borders folks, including President Bush, have wrought. A 15 year old raped by an illegal alien. Check And Rightly So! for the full, disgusting details.

Grey Lady Celebrates The 4th. Dummies Don’t

By telling us to fuck it, think globally (I know most have seen this story from yesterday, maybe heard it on the radio, but it is a good setup for moonbattery) This is a working day in the rest of the world, and, for that matter, a working day in the middle of the working week. […]

Obligatory Jessica Biel Photos

Aww, why the hell not? A little bit of traffic bait   From a spread in GQ. You can see more, and larger size, over at Metadish.

Hispanic Revenge In 2008?

Oh lordy lou, here they go again WASHINGTON (AFP) – Long after President George W. Bush has retired to his Texas ranch, his fellow Republicans may have to deal with Hispanic voter backlash over his failed immigration reform. In 2008, in presidential and congressional elections, Latino voters, an increasingly important demographic in US politics, will […]

TTLF: Global Warming About Making Money?

Uh oh (BBC) The public believes the effects of global warming on the climate are not as bad as politicians and scientists claim, a poll has suggested. The Ipsos Mori poll of 2,032 adults – interviewed between 14 and 20 June – found 56% believed scientists were still questioning climate change. There was a feeling […]

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