Daily Archives: July 4, 2007

Sweet And Sour 4th

First, the sour: In Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton walked hand in hand with her husband Bill in a sunny, postcard-perfect holiday parade in the north-central lakeside town of Clear Lake. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican, also marched. The outstanding, lovable, beautiful, radiant, future President Hillary Clinton in a postcard-perfect holiday […]

Troops Celebrate 4th Of July

In Afghanistan BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Thousands of American troops celebrated their 4th of July independence holiday in Afghanistan on Wednesday, far from home but treated to a feast of hotdogs, burgers, corn on the cob and ice cream. "This is a special day for us and we will be celebrating across the […]

NY Times Agrees: Libby Sentence Too Harsh

Interesting Even so, there is a basis for clemency in these particular cases. The 16 were convicted of such crimes as seditious conspiracy, possession of unregistered firearms and interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle. However, none of their actions have been linked to any incidents of violence. The sentences for these crimes, as long as […]

Happy Independence Day-Patriotic Pinup

Happy Indepence Day to all! Not a clue who did this pinup. Have hunted around, but, to no avail. It was supposedly used in a NAPA ad. Anyhow, it is another beautiful day in America, and one of those special days, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, where the libs really get their seethe on above their […]

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