Daily Archives: July 3, 2007

Hillary! Slams Bush Over Libby

Interesting. Well, tedious, obnoxious, rediculous, hypocrital, and silly, but, you know what I mean. I am going to ignore the first part of the AP story, in which she compares Bush’s pardon of Libby (he wasn’t pardoned, Hils) with Bills pardoning of drug dealers and other scumbags for this As she campaigns with her husband for Iowa’s […]

On The 2007/2008 Devils

Every year during the free agency period, I read the forums and chat boards, and see many of my fellow Devils fans go crazy over the Devils sometimes losing big free agents and their failure to sign them. It is like an annual right. But, every year, the Devils put a good team on the […]

TLF: Dems Crow About Their Accomplishments

I only wish we knew what they were (Washington Times) House Democratic leaders have been "sloppy" custodians of Congress and broken several of their key promises to voters, Republicans charged yesterday, prompting the Democratic congressional leadership to offer a list of their key accomplishments in response. "After six months, you can only talk about reform […]

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