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Ban Ki-Moon Says Excercise Caution In Iraq Surrender

He’s not doing much to clean up that organized crime agency known as the United Nations, but, at least the guy understands some part of reality NEW YORK — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged U.S. policy-makers yesterday to exercise "great caution" in considering any rapid withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq. "It is not […]

Indian Muslims Joining The Latter 20th Century?

Perhaps that headline is a little bit insulting, but, hey, so many Muslims seem to be stuck in the 14th century, so, this would be a good upgrade CALCUTTA — Indian Muslim leaders are uniting with female students in opposition to a "fatwa" or Islamic edict demanding that Muslim girls stay away from academic institutions […]

MM Wants Jet Blue Photoshops

I’m sure she doesn’t want to hear that Allah really, really, really wants an iPhone.  See Michelle’s post for more. Update: second post of hers with more of the photoshops, including mine! Thanks, MM.

TLF: Rush To Judgement

From a Washington Times editorial "There’s simply no evidence that the escalation is working. Conditions are deteriorating…Waiting until September is not the answer. Holding out blind hope — blind trust that progress will appear out of thin air, that is not the answer." — Sen. Harry Reid, in a Wednesday floor speech. "It has absolutely […]

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