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Aside: Flight 93 Memorial

It is getting down to crunch time for the Flight 93 Memorial, and the f’ing Islamic crescent, pointing almost perfectly at Mecca, is still part of the plan.

No Fly List: 7 Year Old Nailed 3 Times

Interesting Michael Martin went through a hassle trying to fly out of Fort Lauderdale recently because his name was on a no-fly list. Rather than protest to authorities, he nervously turned to his mom for comfort. "He thought he did something wrong," his mother, Krista Martin, 36, of Coral Springs, said. Michael Martin is only […]

John Doe Protection Looks To Be Going Through

Awesome news. Check out this story over at Fox News WASHINGTON —  After nearly a week of intense, behind-the-scenes wrangling, congressional negotiators late Tuesday agreed to include in the pending Sept. 11 security bill sweeping liability protections for citizens who report to authorities suspicious activity they fear might be linked to terrorism. The "John Doe […]

Democrats REALLY Want Immigration Reform

It’s coming soon. They are really going to push comprehensive reform. It is vastly important to them, a major priority. (Washington Times) Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, an architect of the Democratic campaign that regained control of the House last year, says his party will not attempt comprehensive immigration reform until at least the second […]

1 In 3 Say Will Not Evacuate In Face Of Hurricane

Hey, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here on another interactive White Trash Wednesday. Bringing you the ugly truth, heeeeeere’s WRAL About one in three people living in Southern coastal areas said they would ignore hurricane evacuation orders if a storm threatened their community, up from about one in four last year, a poll released Tuesday shows. The […]

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