Grey Lady Celebrates The 4th. Dummies Don’t

By telling us to fuck it, think globally (I know most have seen this story from yesterday, maybe heard it on the radio, but it is a good setup for moonbattery)

This is a working day in the rest of the world, and, for that matter, a working day in the middle of the working week. The Fourth of July, a day that is central to our sense of our own history, will pass uncapitalized around the rest of the globe. It’s a local holiday, after all, nevermind how large our idea of local may be.

But the idea of freedom is not local. It is universal. Even in these very difficult times, four years deep into a war that has turned much of the world against this country, when some political leaders seek to arrogate the idea of freedom as their own political preserve, the universal freedom described in the Declaration of Independence remains a fundamental truth. (snip)

It is a day to ask how good a job — from the world’s perspective — we are doing living up to the principles enunciated in the Declaration of Independence, whether we have done enough to make those sonorous old rights seem like more than a limited case in a limited argument. The answer is more equivocal than we like to believe. But the ideal is one that must drive us all.

There ya go, on a day that we celebrate our independence, the Times is saying we should change who we are to make the world like us. Typical.

As a sidebar, isn’t the Times one of the liberal supporters who demonize trying to democratize the world? You know, giving people, especially women, around the world freedom?

Well, now, some of the DUmmies had some issues with the Fourth of July. Are ye ready?

  • Dragonbreathp9d Independence Day Was Truly Depressing. While sitting amid friends, family and neighbors at our neighborhood’s annual gathering, watching our own fireworks display and that of other cities that I could see across the lake that we were sitting on the edge of (now swollen due to the torrential rainfall North Texas has been getting lately, perhaps tears for all the people still brainwashed into think that supporting Bush is patriotism) an immense sadness overwhelmed me……..Now, when I see the explosions, I think of IEDs in Iraq, I think of civilians being bombed, I think of possibly innocent people being tortured for years. I think of our entire history fading away into abscurity. Everything that we stood for being altered in a pseudo mating of 1984 and Farenheit 451. I see our constitution being called "outdated," though the principles within are timeless. I see the Straussians on the march, marching over the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the memory of all of those who gave life, limb, and liberty to try to secure our own. I see a mockery of all that this country was founded upon.
  • lse7581011 I Agree! Found myself feeling like I could cry several times throughout the day. Not usually that kind of person!
  • alyce douglas we have to stop this for us and for the world. they are totally abusing and demeaning us, this has got to stop.
  • Philosoraptor I don’t believe in Santa, I don’t believe in the shining city on the hill.
  • BlueManDude All the security along the Charles River Esplanade in Boston was depressing…I think it’s dawning on people that the "War on Terror" will never end and that it’s as much a war being waged by Americans against Americans as it is some battle against foreign "evildoers."
  • BlueManDude The San Diego Padres wore camouflaged baseball uniforms yesterdayit was pretty creepy (don’t say liberals hate the military, though. Some other love comments for the military on this thread)
  • EnviroBat I remained seated during the National Anthem..I sung the words "Blah BluhBlah Blah Blah Blah…." While all of the faithful sheep around me were dutifully standing, and bleating out the words to a tune that has lost all meaning. I couldn’t help thinking about what a car-bomb sounds like when it explodes, as the fireworks were doing their BOOM BOOM thing. I just don’t feel anything for this country at the moment. It feels dead to me. The Bush administration is a cancer to this nation. It must be cut out, eradicated, and burned away. We have a long, agonizing period of rehabilitation to suffer through after these traitors have gone. I want my pride back……Fuck you George. I pray that your miserable existence on this planet is coming to an end soon. Oh, and take Cheny with you…

Dumpster diving is fun!

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One Response to “Grey Lady Celebrates The 4th. Dummies Don’t”

  1. John Ryan says:

    What we haven’t done in Iraq is bring either frewedom or democracy. When and if Irq does stabilize it will probably be done in a non secular fashion with IRAN HOLDING THE REAL POWER.

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