Daily Archives: April 4, 2007

Adult Stem Cells Making Progress

It's been awhile since there was really any stem cell news (CNSNews.com) – A week before the U.S. Senate again grapples with the explosive issue of embryonic stem cell research, one of the most stunning reported advances in bio-technology in years comes from stem cells not harvested from human embryos but derived from a non-controversial […]

Illegal Kills Teenage Girls

So, you say you want to be disturbed this Wednesday? I will be happy to oblige (from an email from Grassfire,org): The illegal immigration crisis hit tragically close to home this past Friday evening when Alfredo Ramos, an illegal alien crashed into the back of a vehicle stopped at a red light. The rear-ending killed […]

Global Warming Today: EU Wants And Greens Talk

Funny stuff BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – A U.N. conference on climate change opened Monday with the EU's top environment official calling on the United States to join efforts to curb global warming. I wonder if they mean the efforts that are plainly failing? Considering that the USA is actually beating several of the Kyoto members, it […]

Surge Working, Democrats Still Want Cut and Run

  Morning, y'all Jebediah Murphy here. This story is getting some airplay, surprisingly BAGHDAD — American and Iraqi soldiers yesterday killed six terrorists and captured another 41 insurgents and death-squad suspects in operations in Baghdad and outside Fallujah, military officials said.  The raids were part of the ongoing enormous effort by U.S. and Iraqi security […]

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