Surge Working, Democrats Still Want Cut and Run


Morning, y'all Jebediah Murphy here. This story is getting some airplay, surprisingly

BAGHDAD — American and Iraqi soldiers yesterday killed six terrorists and captured another 41 insurgents and death-squad suspects in operations in Baghdad and outside Fallujah, military officials said. 

The raids were part of the ongoing enormous effort by U.S. and Iraqi security forces to break the backs of the various armed groups warring in Iraq. The Iraqi government cited the success of that operation yesterday in announcing that the nightly curfew will be pushed back by two hours.

Working so well, so far, that the curfew was pushed back from 8pm to 10pm. Areas in Baghdad are being taken back from the bad guys and held. And sure, it is not all roses, there are still Shi'ite killers operating, and people are worried when they walk the streets and go to market (heck, with Saddam in charge, wasn't all that different, excepting the homicide bombers), things are looking up.

While most Iraqis are withholding judgment on the security surge, a cross-section of women and men said the U.S. military was the only thing preventing complete chaos. 

"If they retreat and leave everything to the Iraqis, at that time the civil war in Iraq will start," Hassan said.

One of the issues is that Iraqi's do not trust the military and police at this point, particularly in the capital. Why? It isn't just because of religion. The fact that the police and the military were the ones taking Iraqi's off the street to torture, rape, maim, and kill them. Just the threat of that is enough to cause a negative reaction among the Iraqi people. Four years is not long enough to change decades of fears.

But that doesn't stop the progressives from pushing cut and run

ROCHESTER, N.H. — Both Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former Sen. John Edwards are urging Congress to force President Bush's hand in the Iraq war funding debate, which has become the latest dividing line among the top Democratic presidential hopefuls. 

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Edwards spoke days after Sen. Barack Obama, the third candidate in the top tier of the Democratic field, took a bruising from liberal Democrats after he predicted that Congress will submit to Mr. Bush's demands and send the president a new version of the war funding bill without timetables or extra spending.

This is what most Democrats are about. Leaving before the mission is done. And why? Because, in their minds, America is the root cause of all that is wrong in the world. The will often sneak those evil Jews in the mix as being puppet masters of the USA, given half a chance.

Also, because the two are pandering to far left wing interests.

Look, if we caused the problems in Iraq (which I am not claiming), we should fix them before leaving. It is only polite. And responsible. Especially since both Edwards and Clinton voted for Operation Iraqi Freedom

Of course, Clinton is going to have the always present on-line petition, and urges the President to work with the cut and run Congress members. Question: why can't they work with him? Why is it only the president who has to give something?

"Mr. President, please work with us. Don't veto the will of the American people," Mrs. Clinton said.

How about the will of the other half of America who do not want to surrender, Mrs. Clinton?

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