Daily Archives: April 12, 2007

Ohio Man Charged With Terrorism

I really am surprised this made the news WASHINGTON (CNN) — A 43-year-old U.S. citizen was charged Wednesday with providing material support to al Qaeda and plotting to set off bombs in Europe and the United States, according to a federal indictment unsealed in Columbus, Ohio. Christopher Paul did not enter a plea in his […]

Duke Lacrosse: Nifong Apologizes

Too little, too late DURHAM – Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong acknowledged today that three former Duke University lacrosse players were “wrongfully accused” of sexual assault. Nifong released a statement one day after N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper dismissed the charges against the lacrosse players and declared them "innocent" and the victims of an "unchecked" […]

Kerry Makes Woops! On ESC Cured Mouse

I wonder if the mouse was terrorizing women and children in the dead of night? (CNSNews.com) – During Wednesday's Senate debate on stem cell therapy, Sen. John Kerry cited research in Massachusetts which he said had used embryonic stem cells to "cure" a mouse — but the mouse wasn't cured, and the research he referred […]

Course Teaches Iraqi NCO’s

Some may wonder why it is taking so long to get the Iraqi military up to speed. Well, there are lots of reasons, one of which is that the makeup and mindset of the Iraqi's has to change MAHMUDIYAH, Iraq, April 11, 2007 — When Saddam Hussein's regime was in power the Iraqi army was […]

Aside: Ogre on cost of illegals

Ogre points out the cost of illegals: it would be 2.2 trillion dollars.

Thursday Linkfest: Dems Won’t Meet Gold Star Dad

Remember all the Democrats screaming and clammoring for President Bush to meet (for a second time) with Cindy Sheehan? All the protests, all the sit ins, the camping out near Bush's private home? So, how do they react when the shoe is partially on the other foot? (CNSNews.com) – Leading Democratic proponents of setting a timetable […]

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