Daily Archives: April 30, 2007

Women Online And Melted Steel

There is an interesting story in the Washington Post about the disgusting and threatening comments towards women bloggers that occurs. For those of us on the Right, we have seen this occur many, many times to the leading "neocon," Michelle Malkin. She's highlighted this on her blog and in the book Unhinged. And serveral other […]

Owning Iraq Defeat

Every once in awhile, I remember why I started blogging. It wasn't to make money, to get traffic, to get links. It was simply to get thoughts out of my head and on to "paper," something I learned in psych class. There are those times when the same thought keeps going through ones head about some […]

Demotivation Monday: Give Up The Road

And a Happy Monday to all. Time to take it down a notch, get in the wrong frame of mind for the work week, be prepared to do your least   Mark Steyn has an interesting article in the Chicago Sun-Times, moving from Obama and his "we're working on changing lightbulbs" to This week, both […]

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