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Aside: Insane People

Hey, look, insane people at Prison Planet.

Friday Nut Fun (on Friday this time!)

We have had Liberal Amendments 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and 7 and 8. Time for the next two Amendment 9: The enumeration in The Constitution of rights shall be construed to deny or discourage others which may from time to time be extended by the branches of Federal, State or Local government, […]

Duke Lacrosse: Remembering The Cabbie And Abuse Of Power

While I was perusing (well, trolling) the Democratic Underground for some good progressive seething, I ran across this article from the Washington Post Long before the case against three Duke University lacrosse players collapsed in public, a soft-spoken Sudanese immigrant knew that something wasn't quite right. When asked, he told the truth: One of the […]

Loose Libs Media Mistakes

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't posted on the whole Imus issue. I've left plenty of comments on other sites, including this fine post by Beth at Blue Star Chronicles. It's been more fun and interesting commenting, then doing research and keeping up with what is going on with Imus, a media person I […]

Aside: Stacy on Sex With Clothing

Still Stacy uncovers every Muslim man's (?) dream: sex with clothing on. Did you know it annuls the marriage?

Trackback Friday Featuring The Surrender Monkey: No Jihad For the EU

Happy Friday to all! It's that time of the week again! Do you have an interesting post you want to share with everyone? The official Surrender Monkey of the Democratic Party says to do what the Lefties don’t, since they all have the same talking points: link it! Yes, the French Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey has made […]

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