Daily Archives: April 15, 2007

Jackie Robinson Day

It would be remiss of me, as a long time LA Dodgers fan, to not mention that today is Jackie Robinson Day Jackie Robinson couldn't have known what Branch Rickey's "great experiment" would do to the socio-political landscape in America. In fact, could anybody have known that putting Robinson, a black man, onto a baseball […]

HuffPo On Flooding In NYC

I had another post about terrorism in Europe ready to go, but, then I ran across this story at the Hufftard Post (yes, uncivil), and I just couldn't ignore it The calendar may say April, but the weather felt more like winter today, with a northeaster storm dumping several inches of rain in the New […]

Duke Lacrosse: Very Good MSNBC Article

MSNBC the station might be useless these days, but MSNBC the website is still pretty good, and they prove it with an article entitled "What Really Happened That Night At Duke," throught their Newsweek affiliation. It's a long one, but well worth the read. The only thing I will excerpt is this For the press, […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday to all! It’s another beautiful global warming day, where the temps in Raleigh are below the average for at least the second straight week. This pinup is by Baron Von Lind, with a wee bit of help from the Patriotic Easter Bunny, who was upset he wasn’t used last week, and is also […]

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