HuffPo On Flooding In NYC

I had another post about terrorism in Europe ready to go, but, then I ran across this story at the Hufftard Post (yes, uncivil), and I just couldn't ignore it

The calendar may say April, but the weather felt more like winter today, with a northeaster storm dumping several inches of rain in the New York region and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights at area airports. The Mets game was called off and there were fears of flooding in coastal and inland river areas.

Officials warned New York area residents to be prepared today for what meteorologists and emergency planners predicted could be the worst storm since 1992.

Did you know that the Huffington Post is an official affiliate of the AP? That is what the AP told me when I asked if they had permission to print entire articles. Kind defeats what being a blog means, doesn't it?

Well, on to the insanity

  • It's the wrath of innocents killed in Iraq that are taking revenge on shit for brains Amerikkkans.

    I hope Manhattan Island drowns in 100 feet of water. So that we may rejoyce ! By: BUSHCHENEYOILNAZIS

  • We have no idea what weather situations are directly attributable to GW but wait for the deniers to pipe in, 3,2,1. By: SPEAKINGTRUTH2POWER
  • On another note. You can thank W for this beautiful weather here in the Northeast. My parents house in Bergen County, NJ has a septic tank. We were over there earlier today and couldn't use the bathrooms. YAY! The ground was soaked and couldn't absorb anything.
  • Karmic payback for Nazi crimes against humanity in Iraq.

    Look for much worse in the years to come. By: PissedoffVietVet

  • Friends…..a nor'easter is when the storm COMES from the northeast. This one is going TO the northeast: therefore a sou'wester. I guess it doesn't sound as good.

    Since Bush was from the Northeast, and is now from the Southwest, he is clearly responsible. The right wing media is trying to downplay his criminal culpability by mis-naming the storm.

  • I believe these storms are caused by weather. (I threw this one in cause it was sane, and makes the others really stand out as insanacrats)

Actually, in reference to the idiot yapping about nor'easters, the way the winds are blowing are irrelevent. A newscaster might say the winds are SSE, meaning they are blowing SSE, coming from the NNW. Surfers might talk about winds being, say easterly, meaning out of the east and blowing west, good for waves in the East coast, or a west wind, meaning the waves get blown out. The term nor'easter refers to the direction the storm is moving, which is NNE. And, you can think of the storm like a hurricane, because it is circulating in a counter-clockwise fashion.

And, Bush didn't cause it. Last time I checked, we had them well before 1/20/2001 Cool

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2 Responses to “HuffPo On Flooding In NYC”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    I’m sitting here basking in a snow storm in the south. I would thank Algor-abge but I finished the third grade in about 1950 and got smart enough to know that this is just one of the weather changes that come on a regular basis. This one is almost a repeat of 25 years ago. I think at the time we were entering another ice age or something along that line according to some other Algor-abge retard look alikes.

    You have great nerves and a strong stomach to read Huff&Puff. I’m on their daily update list but haven’t opened one of them in months. I may be sad and need a laugh one day and open one.

  2. I remember the last big nor’easter back in 1992. Much worse then this one. And they’ll be another, and another. But, apparently, they only started because Bush became pres and pulled out of Kyoto 😉

    I got on the email list, too. Finally got off it when they wacked my logins. Whew!

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