Daily Archives: April 11, 2007

Terrorists In America? No, Can’t Be

Why did I have to go all the way to an Indian (as in the country I am banned in) news source to find out this information? WASHINGTON: US authorities said they had busted an arms-trafficking gang comprising six Asians who had been trying to smuggle weapons from the United States to Tamil Tiger rebels. […]

Reid Agrees With Bush On Immigration-Run Away!

If this doesn't give W a clue that his immigration policies are horrible and he is being an ignoranus on he issue, I don't know what will WASHINGTON, April 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement on President Bush's speech on immigration today. "Senate Democrats agree with President Bush that […]

Duke Lacrosse: Case To Be Dropped Today?

Seems like everyone is reporting that the case will be dropped today RALEIGH, N.C. — The three men indicted in the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case could learn this week whether state prosecutors plan to bring them to trial or drop the charges, a person close to the case said Tuesday. The attorney general's office, […]

WTW: Liz Edwards Scared Of “Rabid Republican”

Morning, y'all, Jebediah here, and I must say, seems as if 'ole Lizzy Edwards has a wee bit of a problem with Southerners RALEIGH, N.C. – Elizabeth Edwards says she is scared of the "rabid, rabid Republican" who owns property across the street from her Orange County home – and she doesn't want her kids […]

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