Women Online And Melted Steel

There is an interesting story in the Washington Post about the disgusting and threatening comments towards women bloggers that occurs. For those of us on the Right, we have seen this occur many, many times to the leading "neocon," Michelle Malkin. She's highlighted this on her blog and in the book Unhinged. And serveral other female bloggers are getting this treatment. Interestingly, the vast majority of the time the comments are aimed at those on the Right.

Now, I had intended to really discuss this part of the article

Arianna Huffington, whose Huffington Post site is among the most prominent of blogs founded by women, said anonymity online has allowed "a lot of those dark prejudices towards women to surface." Her site takes a "zero tolerance" policy toward abusive and excessively foul language, and employs moderators "24/7" to filter the comments, she said.

Huh? Is she kidding, or does she have no idea how filthly and foul the comments are on her site? The same site that has called for the death of Cheney, Bush, was happy that Laura Ingraham had cancer, the same with Laura Bush. There is constant profanity. Threats, not so much, but there have been comments wishing ill on many people, including profanity. I have documented this many, many times. I guess "excessively foul language" doesn't include the "f" word. Not sure what it actually is, in the moderators minds.

Seemingly, the only time they moderate comments is when one of their crazy-insane death threads starts and is caught, and highlighted, by those on the right.

In searching to highlight this more, I became sidetracked with the comments regarding the fiery crash and melted steel bridge in California (full story here). You ready?

  • No, it's not Bush's fault, but you have to admit, it's one catastrophe after another. I'd say, at the least, there is a "jinx" affecting this country, and perhaps, maybe, just wondering … (was the incredible flooding at the beginning of Slick's Presidency a "jinx?")
  • It's not exactly Bush's fault, nor even Reagan's fault, but the fault of the Rupubic Party. Bush and Reagan were merely the cheerleaders for the basic program.

    I fully expect to learn in the next few days this event was enabled by some failure of regulation. It will either be a regulation rescinded (because it cut into profits) or a regulation left unenforced (because it cut into profits). The Repubic Party has been spreading the propoganda for forty years that govenment can do no good. And their approach to governance has been to prove that assertion. From the point of view of the Repubic Party, the mess in Iraq is a phenomenal success. The intent was to destroy a country, and by gawd they have accomplished that.

  • Definitely the fault of the liberal government up there. After the freeways collapsed after the big quake up there a few years ago they should have made sure that all of their freeways were indestructible.Obviously those steps weren't taken. (hate to defend the liberal government, but fair is fair, and shat happens. Who plans for a gas truck to do that?)
  •  It is Bush's fault. He's dragged the whole country to the right and into a guardrail.
    I live in the East Bay, and this is an unbelievable disaster. It's right in what we call the maze, it's by the Bay Bridge, and it couldn't possibly be in a worse spot.
  • Now that our roads and bridges are being sold to private companies this will come as joyous news to the privatized sector as they look at this and start gleefully rubbing their hands together, calculating how such future tragedies can fatten their portfolios, as has been been happening already in Iraq… only to cause more and more on a grander scale.
  • Apples and oranges kids. Freeways are not buildings, nor are they steel framed buildings. More than likely in the crash and subsequent fire took out a central support.

    These sections of the freeway were put together very fast after the last quake, there could be shody construction involved.

  •  This accident still does not exonerate the perpetrators of the 9/11 demolition. Anyone who thinks so is a fool.

    And besides, who's to say this "accident" wasn't really a coordinated stunt, aimed at discrediting 9/11 theories?

  • I have seen pictures of the freway falling and if you look close you see small explosions. I think over the next few days we will find this is due to a "terrorist" attack and Osama will be to blame. There is NO WAY the fire did this damage.
  • Big Oil on the loose with truck bombs! Terrozing liberal cities! Bringing them to a grinding halt! Making Pelosi fear for her offspring's future commute! Democrats gays and libs can't get to work on time!

    Sound crazy? Well, everything else this administration has actually really done still sounds crazy to me. Nothing would surprise me now. Bet if this had happened near the White House that driver would be recuperating in Guantanamo!

It seems that fire can melt steel. Furthermore, all the structural engineers have shown that the WTC buildings did not have steel melting per se, but being weakened enough from the fire to allow the weight above to collapse them. But, you cannot prove anything to the conspiracy nuts.

One final point: 

It's the first time fire has ever melted steel! EVAH.

By: ariannassmellyclam

To be fair, there is a right winger being nasty towards Arianna. That is not necessary nor civilized.

Quick Update: I wrote this post in the AM, was waiting to see if Michelle Malkin, who is mentioned, in the story, picked it up, but, nope. However, Hot Air does cover it, and See-Dubya picks up on the Huffington thang

I know you will be glad to know that this sort of thing never happens at the Huffington Post:

(the Huffington excerpt)

(draws rolled eyes.)

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9 Responses to “Women Online And Melted Steel”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Countess Arianna Dracula couldn’t put out once a month to satisy her ex-husband’s needs so he pulled a McGeevey and went gay! Huff.. and puff…and she couldn’t…
    better stop there in prime time WT. Arianna can’t satisfy ‘males’ in Hollyweirdo land? Now that’s a story!
    I still dig her Transylvanian accent.
    – Green Acres II ‘Daaaaarlinggg’?

  2. Dyre42 says:

    You did an amazing job of putting a partisan spin on a nonpartisan problem without actually addressing the issue on the grand scale.

    “Interestingly, the vast majority of the time the comments are aimed at those on the Right.”

    The article doesn’t say that anywhere which makes me wonder what information you used to base that statement on.

  3. The information I use is from cruising both the left and right side of the blogosphere quite a bit. I have thrown the challenge out before for folks on the Left to bring me examples of conservatives getting as nasty as those at the major left wing sites do.

    So far, haven’t received anything, even from a very, very, very far right site.

    And, just to be clear, I do not support that kind of hate from either side. On a forum I frequent, I, and other conservatives, have started not just calling out those on the left, but those on the right who are using despicable languange, and I will continue to do so. It has not place in civilized society, even on the anonymous internet.

  4. JulieB says:

    The “F” word is “F-un”, right? 😉
    Seems in general the stronger the opinion posted, the more negative emotional comments. Being a bit of a wuss myself, I rarely get any abusive commenters.
    I think the abusive commentors don’t have the depth of vocabulary to respond in a more civilized fashion.

  5. JulieB says:

    Oh – the whole bridge collapse was rather spectacular, especially if it didn’t affect your commute. If it did, well, expletive deleted doesn’t begin to describe the angst.

  6. Ogre says:

    Yes, the left can say that they don’t see hate because by their definition of the word, they cannot hate: it’s simply not possible for anyone on the left to ever hate or use any foul language. The rules are: if they use it, it’s not foul, period. And yes, they really believe that.

  7. Hi, Julie! Did the bridge thing affect you? That would truly suck. I hear it is a nightmare.

    Ogre, you’re right. The hard left progressives are stark raving mad.

    Now, you look at a reasonable, rational, caring Liberal like Julie, and she is the exact kind of person that is needed for informed discussion on topics.

    However, Julie isn’t part of the angry left, which means that she doesn’t get major play in the HuffPost/Daily Kos/MyDD type left-o-sphere. And, she won’t get nasty comments but every once in a blue moon.

  8. Indigo Red says:

    I’ve left several comments at Huffing-n-Puffing-ton Post. They were nearly all of the contrary argument, but clean and they wre all deleted. Except one. I agreed whole heartedly with the majority opinion and, by golly, it was accepted. The next contrarian comment was again rejected. Go figure.

  9. Mine always seem to get in to moderation, then never appear. Granted, it is her blog, they can do what they want, but, still seems hypocritical of them.

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