Duke Lacrosse: Nifong Apologizes

Too little, too late

DURHAM – Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong acknowledged today that three former Duke University lacrosse players were “wrongfully accused” of sexual assault.

Nifong released a statement one day after N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper dismissed the charges against the lacrosse players and declared them "innocent" and the victims of an "unchecked" prosecutor who rushed to judgment.

"It is, and has always been, the goal of our criminal justice system to see that the guilty are punished and that the innocent are set free," Nifong wrote. "No system based on human judgment can ever work perfectly.

"Those of us who work within that system can only make the best judgments we can," Nifong continued. "To the extent that I made judgments that utimately proved to be incorrect, I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused. … It is my sincere desire that the actions of Attorney General Cooper will serve to remedy any remaining injury that has resulted from these cases."

Can you guess what is coming next? Exactly what you are thinking

Joseph B. Cheshire V, a lawyer for one of the lacrosse players, blasted the statement.

"This is not an apology," Cheshire said. "This is another attempt by Mr. Nifong at revisionist history, the same thing he has done with the facts throughout this entire case."

Correct. Sounds more like someone trying to justify himself so as to save his career, such as it is. And his license to practice law. His money. Etc.

I might actually have to go to the court when Nifong is on trial. Heh!

Sister Toldjah has her take.

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