Illegal Kills Teenage Girls

So, you say you want to be disturbed this Wednesday? I will be happy to oblige (from an email from Grassfire,org):

The illegal immigration crisis hit tragically close to home this past Friday evening when Alfredo Ramos, an illegal alien crashed into the back of a vehicle stopped at a red light. The rear-ending killed two teenaged girls. Police indicate that high speed and alcohol played a significant role inthe accident…

But there is more than speed an alcohol to blame in this tragedy. The lives of these brilliant young girls ended because of an open borders agenda that is putting all of us at risk.

Our lawmakers want us to show compassion for illegal alienswho want to carve out a better life… To them I ask, "What about the citizens of our nation who are being victimized by illegals?

++ Why was he here?

In February Ramos was convicted on DUI charges from a November 13, 2006 incident. The arresting officer at the time remarked that Ramos, "almost ran [me] down."

Ramos was given a 90 day suspended sentence, fined $250, and had his drivers' license suspended. But according to the Virginian Pilot, Ramos was arrested with a fake driver's license. Apparently he paid a Florida company $200 for a "Mexican ID".

Additionally, he speaks no English, and was working at a Mexican restaurant.

So why wasn't Ramos quickly deported?

Sadly, the answer likely won't surprise you. In Virginia Beach, police officers are not permitted to ask about a person's birthplace or legal status if they are charged with a misdemeanor such as public drunkenness, said police spokesman Jimmy Barnes.

"On a felony arrest, in the paperwork process, you're asked what country you're from," he added. "But on a misdemeanor summons for a DUI or public intoxication, those questions are not allowed to be asked because you're getting into civil rights violations; just because your last name might
be different than mine doesn’t mean I have the right to ask" about someone’s immigration status.

What about the civil rights of the two girls he slaughtered?

What about the civil rights of other innocent Americans who will be victimized by illegals today, tomorrow, and the day after that?


So, what can you do to help? Write your Congress Critter. Call your Congress Critter. And sign the petition at Grassfire.

The email states to forward to 25 or so friends. I have done that, as well as posting most of it. If you would like the email yourself, shoot me an email.

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  1. Glenn M. Cassel, AMH1(AW), USN,RET says:

    When I was in Atlantic Fleet, we didn’t call it V++++a Beach for nothing.
    Anchors Aweigh

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