Adult Stem Cells Making Progress

It's been awhile since there was really any stem cell news

( – A week before the U.S. Senate again grapples with the explosive issue of embryonic stem cell research, one of the most stunning reported advances in bio-technology in years comes from stem cells not harvested from human embryos but derived from a non-controversial source.

British researchers have for the first time grown part of a human heart, using "adult" stem cells derived from bone marrow, British media reported this week.

If trials in animals such as pigs and sheep prove successful later this year, the London-based team led by professor Sir Magdi Yacoub said such replacement tissue could be used in transplants for heart disease patients within three years.

I just have to ask: what successes have come from embryonic stem cells for heart disease? Ones that include massive tumors do not count.

Next Wednesday, the U.S. Senate is due to vote on a bill introduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, mandating federal funding for ESC research.

The House of Representatives passed a similar bill last January but will also have to vote on the Senate bill before it can be sent to the president.

Bush has already pledged to veto the bill, as he did with similar legislation last year.

Why do we have to spend federal funds on ESC research? The research has been a dud. However, ESC research on a federal level is a boon to the abortion on demand crowd.

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3 Responses to “Adult Stem Cells Making Progress”

  1. Silke says:

    I think we should fund research for both adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Charles Krauthammer had a great Op/Ed on this:

    “Expand federal funding of stem cell research by using discarded embryos, but couple that with a firm national ban on creating human embryos for any purpose other than the birth of a human baby.”

  2. But why do we have to use federal funds, ie, taxpayer money, to fund ESC’s, which uses aborted embryo’s? Quite a few people object strongly to that line of research. Besides, ESC research has been a complete bust.

  3. Silke says:

    I don’t think ESCs should be specifically harvested for the purpose of research but many embryos in fertility clinics are discarded anyway. Why not use them?

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