HuffPuff On Iran Crisis: Time To Dumpster Dive

Ya know, I hate to do this yet again, but, I ask you: whose side are the progressives on?

It is surprising Blair is so sure his soldiers were outside Iranian waters. But given that in the past he has been sso wrong he should be a bit more circumspect I'd say. As for taking offense the Brit soldiers were shown on TV … I guess I sympathize with him on that … but at least they were not shown in a pyramid of naked bodies

Oh, jesus christ, two nuclear-armed nations acting like a couple of ten-year-olds in a playground pissing match over a toy.

C'mon, Blair, just tell Ahmadinejad you're sorry for your fuckin' boat straying over his imaginary border in the ocean.

Ahmadinejad, shake Tony's hand and thank him for saying he's sorry for grabbing his fucking boat and you'll never do it again.

Now, don't you two little assholes feel better?

Britain should just apologise . . . the sooner this issue is resolved the better . . . bliar is an ass

Either this is a hoax or the United States is populated by some very stupid people.

The preznutz' asswipe blair seems determined to provoke Iran rather than bring their soldiers home. I'm sure glad I'm not one of those soldiers finding out that butthead blair saving face for sending the troops across a long disputed border, to ILLEGALLY intercept and inspect another country's shipping, is all that matters. When did the UN ever vote to allow Iran blockaded? NEVER!

It's also looking like maybe our msm wants a war with Iran.

to the right wing nutjobs who say that if you're left or against the war then you are in bed with Iran or the terrorist all I can say is go to hell…

this presidency and this illegal war are not a left or right things…Wrong is Wrong…no matter what side of the aisle you're on. If you are a true Patriotic American you should be able to see that. It wouldn't matter if Bush were liberal or conservative…any President who commits crimes against the People and the Constitution of this Great Country should be condemmed…right or left…

That's what this is about…A rogue Presidency…not Right v. Left. WRONG is WRONG. This President is wrong…this war is wrong…period. To those who blindly back Bush I question your Patriotism… I say be true Patriotic Americans and stand up and defend your Country and your Constitution and oppose this President and his war. (typical left wing anti-Bush screed that isn't even close to being on topic. Could this be classified as a new disease? Libourette's Syndrome)

It's amazing how UK/USA has done much worst (treatment of prisoners, occupying other countries), but when such a little thing as this happens to UK, they become all righteous and flock to the UN for a condemnation.

Where was UN's condemnation when America was PHYSICALLY AND SEXUALLY ABSUSING MUSLIM PRISONERS? Where was Britain's "righteousness" then? Where was Europe's rightousness when they allowed CIA to kidnap people from European land?

What a shame.

I'm glad that someone has the balls to stand up to UK/USA. We need more such countries.

thank you.

That was just a sample. I didn't even make it all the way through page 1 of the comments. I'd write "unbelievable," but, with those progressives on the Hufftard Post, it really isn't. Disturbing, disgusting, delirious, depraved, deranged and demented, yes. Unbelievable, no. Just business as usual over on the Left side of the Internet.

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